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Some Lingo of the Waldos

 "NNNOO Waldo!" - the sound of the "n" is held for about 3/4 of a second and the entire phrase is said in monotone. The comment of "nnnoo Waldo!", which is said about a person, or directly to a person under your breath means:

I don't want to do what you want me to do, you irritating person.
Your grand idea is an idea that you alone think is good.
Your self importance, arrogance, or ego, is a joke to me.
Your attempt to be hip, or your attempt to fit in, is very funny.

"Zoit!". A noise made for amusement. It is almost always said to an unsuspecting strangers for the purpose of secretly laughing at their reaction or response, or secretly laughing at their total obliviousness to the sound. The word actually has no meaning whatsoever.

No's. A joking Waldo therapy; slapping a table three times with one flat hand, yelling "NO!" each time your hand slaps. Each consecutive "NO!" is said increasingly louder, and each consecutive "NO!" is a greater mocking of the emotion of anger. A rarely seen Waldo antic, it is expertly done by "Waldo Dave."