What's here (that we haven't had enough of)?????

Another interview with a guilty young millionaire actor or comedian trying to prove he's a humble, down-to-earth, non-egocentric pay-the-bills regular Joe?

Another entertainment company with another repackaged rip-off of black culture?

Another unskilled-in-the-real-world celebrity with actor-wannabe offspring?

 NO. Relax!!! It's just




They're not activists!

They have no agenda!

There's no upcoming HBO special!

STOP LOOKING FOR SOMETHING THAT'S NOT THERE. They're just a bunch of WALDOS. That's all!

The founding fathers of "420" (High Times Magazine, December 1998), THE WALDOS are critically acclaimed:

Like George Carlin..without the adjectives, nouns and verbs. -Newsweek

So hip, Mel couldn't even get a backstage to find out if they're Jewish. - Carl Reiner

I have no detectable body odors. Go bother some other waldos. - Jerry Seinfeld


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